Monday, February 23, 2015

Color Monday is back again

Daydreaming of Spring.  Will it ever get here?  

Today I'm experimenting with Palette Maker and Chip it!

Linking up today with Porch Swing Quilts

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Playing with Pinks

This weekend I am catching up on my Quilt-Alongs and BOM's.  All week I've been stuck, hibernating, enjoying being in the house with the freezing temps outside.    Today it almost reached 60 degrees.  We're expecting another round of snow tomorrow.  

February's color is Pink

Here are my Scrap Jar Stars.

Scrap Jar Star Tutorial

I am making two quilts this month with my pink stash.  One 16-Patch that alternates with pink and white and the other 16-patch is just all pinks.  

I'm trying to decide if I want to make both quilts with sashing.  When you leave out the sashing, you get a secondary square block which I do like.  See it up there on the lower right of my collage?  

Here it is with the sashing.  I decided to do one with and one without.  
When you do use sashing, you get the nine-patch secondary design.

Give me a few days and I'll get the one with the all pink blocks sewn up.  

I used a bunch of white scraps for my blocks and Kona white for the borders.  Wow, it looks so yellow (uh actually gross!) when I brought it outside to take a picture.  
Maybe I shouldn't be so scrappy when it comes to using white.

I'm also joining Angela in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge

These are my Flying Geese and Bear Pawish blocks.  

See ya soon.  I'll show you my Stars in A time Warp blocks.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I heart these bitty blocks

These bitty blocks were so fun to make.  
I just couldn't stop at 16.  
I made another set in bright and then another set in 1930's. 

You and can follow along with Quiltmaker magazine @QuiltyPleasures

January's Blocks were mini teeny tiny bow ties. 

Making these blocks were like candy to me.  Skittles or Sour Patch Kids.  Those are my downfall, handfuls of them.  Oh, Starbursts too.  I just couldn't stop at just one.  I had to double the batch of blocks.  I like making these bow ties so much, I think I'll make a little quilt with my beloved Amy Butler or Flea Market Fancy scraps that I hording saving. 

February's Block, well they weren't so simple.  But they are cute. 

4-inch basket blocks on point

Teeny tiny 1 1/2 inch unfinished HST's are a challenge.  My feed dogs are eating the corners of my blocks when I am chain piceing.  They also need a good pressing.  You should also see the floor of my sewing room.  Tiny clippings of the dog ears everywhere.  On second thought no one is allowed in there.   

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Quilt-Alongs for 2015

With the start of the new year, it's time to think about what I want to accomplish with my fabric stash.  I want to be very busy this year.  I've decided to use up my stash as much as I can.  You know that saying "You can't take it with you when you die"? I once read somewhere on a blog that you've never seen a trailer full of fabric at a funeral being buried along with the deceased person.  Whether it's quilts to give away or keep for myself, this year it's going to be about getting a LOT done.    
I've decided to join as many quilt-alongs as I can possibly manage.  

Quiltmaker Bitty Blocks

Barbara Brackman's Civil War Quilts
Stars in a Time Warp

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015

Sweet 16 Quilt-Along

Elephant Parade

These are just a few.  I'm still finding more everyday that I just absolutely love.    

Monday, September 15, 2014

Color Monday: Episode Vintage

Here are some of my favorite things
~Vintage Mason Jars~

These are things I love to collect
~Vintage Sheets and Aprons~

 I haven't actually made anything with them yet.  I'm still in that collecting phase.  

I do wear aprons.  All day long.  Everyday.  Upstairs in my sewing room.  Outside picking weeks, walking to my mailbox.  My neighbors must think I'm nuts.
I've even been known to get into my car to run errands with my apron.  Oops!  Without one I feel naked.    

Please visit Jennie.  I bet you have some of her things hiding in your cupboards.

Monday, September 1, 2014

A Modern Quilter's Pincushion

With all the talk about modern quilting and that how orange is the new black, I couldn't resist and made a bunch of these adorable pincushions.
I am changing my fabric preferences in mid-life.   I am just smitten with all the new bright florals, prints, geometric prints, quadfoils, and white background quilt patterns.  I don't think I will never tire of Flea Market Fancy and some of my beloved shabby fabrics though, but dang it! I don't like my fabric stash anymore.  

If you want a pincushion like this too, you can get it here.

Color Mondays: Episode Disney

There's not a lot of Disney happening around here.  Those days have long passed.  I do remember our Friday night specials from way back though.  Our kids would each stake out their favorite place on the floor in front of the TV with their bowl of popcorn and watch The Lion King.  Every night for years.  Oh, of course, sometimes we switched it up and we'd watch Beauty and the Beast.

Animation sure has changed.  When I look at the images from back then, they seem so boring to me now.   Since I didn't like the images I found, I thought I'd share the next best thing.

CANDY at Disneyland.

Friday, August 29, 2014

So Long Summer....

Yes .... Summer is drawing to an end.  To be honest, I've had enough of the heat and humidity.  The constant buzz of the cicadas in the trees.  I am ready for the cool crispness of fall, apples and pumpkins.

The only thing that I am not ready for is to put away my white capris, sandals and summer purses.  Wearing white is a no-no after Labor Day. It's a Southern thang!

Here are some of the last minute summer sips I am thinking of making this weekend.
Sangria is my favorite.  

4. personalrecipe

Other than cranking up the grill and cooking an amazing Montreal marinated roast for when my kids come on over,  I'm retreating and sewing all weekend.  

Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans may be.  

Monday, August 25, 2014

Color Mondays: A Favorite Picture

Quilters need thread. Right?  How about an abandoned warehouse full of shelves, work stations, cubbyholes and dust? 

This weeks Color Palette theme is a "favorite photo" It took me about two secs to fall in love with this photo. 

Take a look at Jennie's blog.  She sets the theme each Monday.
Here are two orange and pink cuties I made in the beginning of summer.

I Love these colors.

   Found here

Monday, August 18, 2014

Color Mondays: Episode Purple

I am joining along with Jenny  - She says:

"It's a new, fun linky party where you get to play with color. Mondays can be so blah, so boring, so overwhelming, that I thought it might be fun to brighten them up with color".

Try it.  It's addictive.

Find a picture, save it to your computer, upload it to the Palette Builder, play with the colors. Then save your picture, blog it and share it.

Thinking in purple today, one of my favorite colors actually, I dug out this quilt I made a few years back.  I used lots of Amy Butler and Kaffee Fassett fabrics.  It's super easy and really showcases large prints.  It's called Simply Delightful by Quilting Belle. 
We're having a bumper crop of eggplant here.  Basil and Hot Peppers too! In the spring, I saw this incredible planter at Whole Foods.  I asked if there was a way that I could get one.  They had no clue.  But it was definitely not for sale.  Someone from their home office just came, built it and left.   
(this is the one I saw at Whole Foods)
I knew I needed one.  Our backyard is pretty shaded.  Our deck gets the most sunshine.  Deer are constantly munching on my plants in the ground and my back hurts when I garden too long.  One of my friend's contractor son made this planter on wheels for me. 

Here's mine from start to finish. 

Anybody want to share what you are growing in your garden this year?