Rumble of the UPS Truck

You know that sound when you're expecting a package.
The UPS Truck Rumble.
I heard it coming up our street yesterday.

Finished the binding on this last night and already have it in my porch.

My daughter and I have a thing about taking a picture of our toes whenever we are on vacation, on a hammock, chillin' at our friend's lakehouse. Anywhere fun.

Opps! I need a pedicure :)

Snowball Kit can be found Here


  1. so, did the UPS Guy bring you anything? just curious, see! B.

  2. Hi Bonnie, Yes. Three quilts. The first one is the Americana Snowball quilt as pictured in this post. Then an awesome Heartstrings String Quilt with a star in the middle. The other is a secret. A special surprise for my daughter who is getting married. She may take a peek here so I can't post it. LOL

    Thanks for stopping by and Happy Quilting.
    Sew Far Sew Good Quilt Shop

  3. what a neat idea to have a twin sized bed on the screened in porch... Aaaah - I wanna come to your house for a nap ;)

    Love from TOO HOT Texas!


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