Tuesday Treasure

When I was thinking about what to post today for my Tuesday Treasure today, I was stumped and a hard time. Then I got a lovely email from my dear daughter in the design school at her college and she showed me this

She loves surface embellishment.
Good thing she does, cause I don't.

She also loves "Instagram" on her iPhone which gives her photos a nice vintage look. My treasure today is that my sweet baby loves sewing and everything that comes with it. She loves to raid my stash of thread, fabric, notions and all things fun, funky and different.

Yippee! Maybe she'll take after me and be a quilter later in life, Ya Think?


  1. I think that is so cool that your daughter can thread paint like that on the older sewing machine, impressive and very creative , someday she will likely be a wonderful quilter and her quilts will be works of art.

  2. I think you might be right! So nice to share hobbies/interests with a daughter.

  3. I think that she is just amazing. Looks to me like you have a real artist on your hands

  4. How fabulous to have such a talented daughter, thank you so much for sharing her beautiful work for TT.

  5. Wow, that's what I call talented Stacey. Anything to do with machine quilting has me quivering in fright. It looks like your daughter is definately doing the training best suited for her. Show us more! Tracee xx


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