Vintage Sewing Machine Eye Candy

"No pictures are allowed"  I was told.
I didn't know.

What a waste of sewing machines.  This was in New York City when I was there last summer.  So far I have been to three cities where these stores have hundreds of machines lining the walls.  

There is probably one for each Stashbuster Member.  If we could only have saved them.  

That's my husband under a sign that bears his name.  BTW, we don't own a shoe store.  LOL


  1. I would've taken photos too. I went to an antique mall recently and saw two old machines turned into tractors. I thought that was a waste, too.

  2. I saw these in store in Boston too! I didn't go in - my photos do not show the details like yours do - beautiful machines. Would be fun to use!


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