Roll Roll Cotton Boll

Have you ever been to QUILTVILLE? If you haven't, you should. IF you have, aren't you glad?

All of us quilters in QUILTVILLE sorted our fabrics, chose our colors, arranged and rearranged our stash looking for the perfect bits and pieces of just that right color combo. We anxiously waited checking the computer oh about 10 times a day, just to see if Bonnie K. Hunter of posted the FIRST CLUE for the new Mystery Quilt – ROLL ROLL COTTON BOLL

THE DAY FINALLY CAME – November 19, in the wee hours of the morning – CLUE 1 was posted and the fun began.

Now on December 19th, A month later here is some of my progress

So I like to use pizza boxes to store my blocks in. Clean ones, of course. You should see me driving around town going into pizza joints asking for empty boxes. I am kinda embarrassed asking for maybe ten of them....please. So I ask for 3 to 4 and then hit up another store asking for more.

I am putting each clue into its own box. You never know how many clues Bonnie is going to give us before the whole quilt is done. Then it's on to putting the whole thing together. Now Bonnie doesn't mess around and make small quilts. No. Her quilts are HUGE. This one will finish 87" X 102".

Here is a quote from her:

"I love quilts. BIG quilts. I don't have a lot of use in my life for table runners or tiny quilts resembling place mats, I need something that is going to help me dig in and clear out, giving me a quilt big enough to cover the people I love! I also love quilts with lots of little pieces--but don't worry, we are all about straight easy sewing. There may be lots of units, but a cup of tea, some music on the stereo, a book on MP3, a few episodes of Oprah, and you will finish each step in good time."

I might not be watching Oprah, but I am happy as can be singing away to my favorite country songs. Country rules upstairs in my sewing room. It drives the rest of the family nuts. You just can't beat a fiddle and a guy like Trace Adkins or Kenny Chesney. Right y'all?


  1. Your RRCB is looking great. Looks like you are ahead of me, I'm still on the string blocks, but I'm enjoying the mystery as always. You are right if anyone hasn't checked it out, they should.

  2. Looks like your moving along at a steady pace between making sweets and goodies. Merry Christmas,Amy


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