Cathedral Stars!

In October of 2009 I was fortunate to attend a workshop here in Raleigh, NC put on by our local quilt guild with Bonnie Hunter.  She is such a fantastic teacher.  So down to earth and an absolute pleasure to have met and taken a class from.  I have learned so much from Bonnie.  

If you haven't been to her blog you need to.  She has a load of information there, tons of quilt patterns and plenty ways to tame and use your stash.

The workshop I attended was to make this Cathedral Star quilt.  

 This quilt consists of two blocks.  
A modified "54-40 or Fight" star block
and a modified "Jacob's Ladder". 

There are 32 pieces per each star block 
There are 28 pieces to each Jacob's Ladder blocks

There are 1852 pieces just for the blocks
The blocks finish at 9 inches each.  

I just finished mine this morning.  
It is 91 x 91 inches.  

I found some scrappy houses from a project that I abandoned and used them for part of the backing.  

I am trying to get 4 quilts done a month and get my UFO pile down a bit.  I have 22 listed in a UFO challenge that I am participating in.  Of course I have plenty more than the 22.  Any more than that, I'd go broke with the quilting charges.  I do quilt some of the smaller ones myself.  

Everyday day Bonnie sends updates to her blog & facebook page.  Multiple times a day.   She has quite a travel schedule.   To be honest with ya'll, I am exhausted for her just seeing it.  

Screen shot of where she's been and where she's headed to.

See what I mean about being busy and on the road?


  1. Congratulations on such a wonderful finish. The quilt is truly gorgeous and vibrant. Love it!

  2. Wow!! I love this quilt! It so beautiful! Congrats on the finish!!!

  3. Extremely beautiful quilt. Really expert use and distribution of color.


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