Color Monday: Episode Vintage

Here are some of my favorite things
~Vintage Mason Jars~

These are things I love to collect
~Vintage Sheets and Aprons~

 I haven't actually made anything with them yet.  I'm still in that collecting phase.  

I do wear aprons.  All day long.  Everyday.  Upstairs in my sewing room.  Outside picking weeks, walking to my mailbox.  My neighbors must think I'm nuts.
I've even been known to get into my car to run errands with my apron.  Oops!  Without one I feel naked.    

Please visit Jennie.  I bet you have some of her things hiding in your cupboards.

A Modern Quilter's Pincushion

With all the talk about modern quilting and that how orange is the new black, I couldn't resist and made a bunch of these adorable pincushions.
I am changing my fabric preferences in mid-life.   I am just smitten with all the new bright florals, prints, geometric prints, quadfoils, and white background quilt patterns.  I don't think I will never tire of Flea Market Fancy and some of my beloved shabby fabrics though, but dang it! I don't like my fabric stash anymore.  

If you want a pincushion like this too, you can get it here.

Color Mondays: Episode Disney

There's not a lot of Disney happening around here.  Those days have long passed.  I do remember our Friday night specials from way back though.  Our kids would each stake out their favorite place on the floor in front of the TV with their bowl of popcorn and watch The Lion King.  Every night for years.  Oh, of course, sometimes we switched it up and we'd watch Beauty and the Beast.

Animation sure has changed.  When I look at the images from back then, they seem so boring to me now.   Since I didn't like the images I found, I thought I'd share the next best thing.

CANDY at Disneyland.