'Tis the Season

For Potato Salad!

Tomorrow, Memorial Day, is the official start of the outdoor season. Picnics, patios, decks, beach houses, campgrounds, country concerts, tailgating~it's all fun. It's a wonderful time for family and friends to gather together and enjoy each other's company.

I make mine with tons of fingerling potatoes, fresh rosemary, garlic, olive oil, kosher salt and amazingly potent pepper blend from Williams-Sonoma. Room temperature the first day and then cold if there are any leftovers:)

Let's us not forget the reason for our remembrance of Memorial Day. I did a little research and wanted to share this wonderful website with ya'll. It's full of facts, speeches, poems & prayers, online activities, e-cards and so many other things to numerous to list. Please check it out.

Every year, my husband (a former Marine) and I go to the Raleigh National Cemetery. We don't know anyone buried there. We just go. We walk quietly holding hands. Looking at all the grave sites of those who have served our country. Many are from the civil war era. We think and reflect on our lives and know that we are so fortunate to live where we live and LIVE. I never leave without tons of tears.

Take a few minutes just to reflect on how fortunate we all are to be where we are today.

Rumble of the UPS Truck

You know that sound when you're expecting a package.
The UPS Truck Rumble.
I heard it coming up our street yesterday.

Finished the binding on this last night and already have it in my porch.

My daughter and I have a thing about taking a picture of our toes whenever we are on vacation, on a hammock, chillin' at our friend's lakehouse. Anywhere fun.

Opps! I need a pedicure :)

Snowball Kit can be found Here

The Bees are buzzing today. Can't wait to see the show & tell at my quilting bee meeting today. We've got some super talented quilters.

I have nothing for show & tell except my small lemonade table runner. I have been working on new pillows for my porch. Red & White & Blue. I snagged these new chairs at Tuesday Morning. Yes!!!

This is not my porch ~ If I lived in a super old house, wouldn't this be the place? Just sitting back and watching my neighbors go about their day, waving and stopping to say "hey" and catch up with each other. Well, ya'll I think that's how it used to be.

When I first moved to the South, our family would take a nice summer evening drive just a bit out of town and look at some of these really old houses. You only have to go about three miles and you are out of the city and into rural life. Such a change from Los Angeles. You see, coming from LA, Wow, old houses like the wooden ones would only be in magazines.

oh yeah, this is for my husband. Guess what? I saw fireflies last night.
{He's traveling this week, but I know he'll take a peek here}

Running with Scissors

Your mom told you not to. Right?

I couldn't help myself.

I just had to have this bottle of wine. I got it at Total Wine the other day. I told all my peeps (kids & husband) over 21 around here. "Do not take my bottle. It's mine and I'm saving it." I don't know what for yet, but I am. Maybe I should bring it to my
"Bee Meeting"

One day I may even tackle a big McKenna Ryan applique quilt. Humm.
Nope, I won't. Not my style.
{I'm a scrappy girl by the way}

Okay Ya'll It's Sweet Tea Time

Once on a trip to the DC area in a restaurant, I ordered an iced tea. I said "sweet" please. The waiter kindly told me "You are not in the South here honey, we don't have sweet tea." Well I was definitely put in my place. I think I suffered with some Splenda.

I love the South. Back home here they would of said "Yes Ma'am, I'll git yer drinks and be right back. (Please insert your own southern accent).

Which brings me to the subject of this post. My absolutely ultimately favorite place in the world is sitting comfy in my big ol' screened in porch sipping a sweet tea or lemonade. Listening to the birds, frogs, watching fireflies, or the ultimate summer thunder storm roll through.

We don't have a regular table and chairs in there, but an awesome white iron daybed and with lots adirondack chairs and a bench. Full of fluffed up pillows and quilts.

I remember all of us squeezed on top of that bed just watching those storms pass through. I think those were the best times with my kids, watching all that lightening. They'd ohh and ahh and take comfort with their momma. Now they're growing up, and sometimes scattered in all directions. Now I enjoy it with my husband. Thunderstorm season is just about here!

My friend Fiona calls my screened-in-porch "My Campground". I so want to make it a little bit more cutesy. Maybe paint my adirondack chairs white. Every year I dream up new decorating ideas, but I just can't take the bed out of there.

{pssst. Don't tell my neighbors, but I'm gonna sleep out there this year before it gets to hot}

There is not a day that I don't go out there. I have my morning cup of coffee, switch out the quilts on the bed, or sometimes just chill and read some quilting magazines or my favorite shabby cottage book. There's nothing finer in Carolina.

I made this table runner called The Big Easy with fabrics from the Elsie's Kitchen collection.

Which Day is Laundry Day?

Sunbonnet Sue, I am not.
I love my laundry. {Basket of quilts that is}

This pile keeps growing.
and that's good. Right?

On Thanksgiving this year, or was it last? Hmmm, I made a challenge to myself that I would only make quilts for donation. I probably have finished about 12 of them. This basket is full of about 24 tops. Many are string quilts for my String Thing Challenge and many others are from this wonderful book

Quilts from the Heart
by Karen Renaud

Here is a review from Amazon:

"I fell in love with the cover quilt, but have found so many others inside that I like as well. I have dozens of quilting books, but this is one I reach for often for inspiration.

The patterns are especially well suited for scrap quilts although most of the examples in this book are made with "bright" fabrics.

This is a great book for beginners / children learning to quilt. It is also good for quilters with experience to use as charity / gift quilts. They are interesting patterns, but quick to do.

Simple illustrations and instructions with easy, satisfying projects."

I couldn't agree more with this wonderful review.
I did sneak in a quilt or two last week for myself from Cluck Cluck Sew's
Double Hourglass Tutorial

Sorry Sunbonnet Sue, you'll just have to do your own laundry :)

Must Do's For May

Throw a Picnic in the Porch or Patio Party w/ games
Buy a new bathing suit
Get a spray tan
Tailgate and watch the moon rise
Wear some metallic summer sandals
Make a Kahlua Milk Shake

House-sit for a pool owner
Float on a float
Befriend the owner of a gardenia plant

Scatter some sunflower seeds
Paint your nails Pink
Make your own gazpacho
Learn to like jalapeno peppers
Get some fresh new summer-colored sheets

"If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good." Dr. Seuss

I'd rather use my AccuQuilt, Thank you!

A Dritz Special

"Cuts cutting time ~ Helps eliminate hand and wrist fatigue"


A sweet neighbor posted a thread in our neighborhood online-newsletter about a huge trunk full of quilting fabric. I got so excited. I was the first to call and they were MINE. I zoomed right over to pick up my new goodies. It was full of drapery fabrics, lining, and a few smocking patterns. Rummaging through everything, I found this old electric scissors. How many of ya'll have or had one of these? Do you use it? Just for fun, I plugged it in at it didn't cut a darn thing.

I'll stick to what I know works.
My AccuQuilt Go! Cutter and good ol' rotary cutter.