It Takes a Village

Some say, It takes a village.
I found my village.

"Vintage Village" that is :)

What an adorable place I found. Literally right next to some railroad tracks. A sweet set of antique barns, out buildings and porches turned into a shabby, cottage, vintage antiquing haven. Using some crummy land by some crummy railroad tracks, a super smart group of antique sellers got together and made this a whole neat shopping experience.

I am refreshed ✂

A dingy ironing board cover puts me in a grumpy mood.
ick, yucky, ewww

*definition of "yucky" according to the Urban Dictionary*
Expression of disgust; fusion of yuck and ick. Similar to eww.

I didn't realize how grungy it was. I won't even show you.

Months ago I saw on-line tutorial using your old cover as a pattern for a new one. Using the existing cover and the pull strings as your base.

I cut out the yucky cover and just left about 1/2 inch around the finished edges of the string and bias tape holding it all together.
See the old silver backing from a previous one?

I am lucky enough to live near a home dec store called Designer Fabrics for Less. Everything is $7.99 a yard. Really :)

I had a nice 1 1/2 yard piece left over fabric from when I re-styled my porch this summer. Since it is 60 inches wide, I sliced it in half and have even another piece leftover when this one gets yucky too!

I made it this afternoon and it took me less then half-hour to make. At $5.99.

It's hard to find the covers to fit this super wide one. I used to get them at Linens and Things. Well, that store went bye, bye. So I took matters into my own hands and I love the results.

I still ♥ pincushions.

Designed by Heather Bailey and you can get a free pattern here

What do ya'll use to fill yours up with? I've seen some real creative cuties out there. They are filled with walnut shells. Huh? Is that cool or do you think maybe bugs might come on over for a visit?

Just curious. Maybe this weekend I'll make one.

Happy Quilting and Have a great Weekend.


Ohhh, I need to make a decision

It's a 9 night cruise....with 4 days to sew at sea! Ports of call include Puerto Rico, St Thomas, Dominican Republic , and Haiti. Space is limited, so don't get left out....sign up now!

With two of my favorites quilters.

Or This?

With all of my 6 wonderful friends

International Quilt Festival
November 4-7, 2010
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, Texas

Speed Shopping in a Quilt Shop

I couldn't resist.
I got caught up in the excitement of shopping in New York City.

My limit was $100 bucks! I spent way less.
That's amazing for me.
I had 20 minutes to look around the shop before heading to the airport to return back home to NC. The rest of my family waited patiently looking at the rest of the shops in the Chelsea District.

They know the routine: In a different city? find quilt shop; let mom look; she has to speed shop; make her stop talking to the employees; let's get her out of there.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Oh My Goodness
Tons, and tons and tons......
Look at 'em all.

On a recent trip to New York City, look what I found
Almost all Singers

*Oh, so SoHo*
Just think..... they have stores worldwide.

Featherweight Sewing Machine T-Shirt Give Away

Sewing Machine Sadness/Give-Away :)

Hurry! Must Register by Aug 1. (w0w) That is fast approaching.

Eileen is the Winner!

My Bernina sewing machine has broken down. The hand wheel just flew right off. Nuts and bolts stripped down and broken. It still works, but it's not the same. I can't turn the wheel to adjust my needle or pick up the bobbin thread. I can't pivot and turn while quilting. There is a huge hole on the right side.

When the weather gets cooler here (maybe in October), I'll get over to my local shop and get it fixed. No, just kidding, I'll bring it there next week. But it is just too darn hot outside. Just a trip to the post office carrying a bunch of boxes and packages can get you all sticky. It's not fun. It is really ever any fun going to the post office?

So like my favorite country guy, Direks Bentley, I'll Settle for a Slowdown. I'm liking my little slow down. Whew. This machine is sloooooow. I can't put the foot pedal to the metal as my friends say about my sewing style.

Yeah, I'd say we do things slower here in the South in the summer.

When I use my featherweight, I have a tendency to work on old-fashioned looking projects. Really I do. Saw-tooth star blocks in double pinks that I have been working on for a few years now, log cabin blocks, and lots of scrappy quilts from

But now for some Fun!

Give-Away Time :)

Must Register by Aug 1.

Open to U.S. & Canada Residents Only

Eileen is the Winner!

One "Rare" and "Collectible" White T-shirt with the Nancy Johnson-Srebro "Featherweight 221 - The Perfect Portable", size Large. These shirts were made in the day, when Nancy was advertising her 3rd edition of her book, "Featherweight 221 - The Perfect Portable".
(circa 1998)

*Brand-new! Just taken out of the bag to take this picture*
Perfect and Pristine

Also a Black and White Fat Quarter Bundle of 4.
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