Wings Over Wayne County

I don't think there is a better way to spend a Sunday then to watch an Air Show in this fantastic country of ours.  Featuring the finest flying men and women our country has.  Spending the day with my daughter and her boyfriend at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, NC was truly a delight.  We are all very proud of him and wish him only the best on his new mission.  We said our goodbyes and to Fly Safe and Fly Strong!!  

Patience My Dear...That's what My Mom Always Told Me

16 years ago when I moved across the country to the South from Los Angeles, I bought a teeny tiny little dogwood tree from Walmart for $1.00. I had great hopes that my little tree would bloom quickly and I’d be a “Southern Belle”. Every year I waited patiently for my little tree to bloom. Taking pictures of my kids in front of the tree to document its growth. Nothing but leaves for 16 years. But NOW, WOW this year, it finally bloomed.

Tulip Time

The tulips in my yard did not last long enough for me to enjoy them.  So I grabbed the "Tulip Time" pattern that was still on the counter in my sewing room.  Yes, I finally made some blocks.  One block came together so fast that I decided to make a bunch more.  Now I have this sweet little quilt for me to enjoy until I make a new one for
 Mother's Day.