Patience My Dear...That's what My Mom Always Told Me

16 years ago when I moved across the country to the South from Los Angeles, I bought a teeny tiny little dogwood tree from Walmart for $1.00. I had great hopes that my little tree would bloom quickly and I’d be a “Southern Belle”. Every year I waited patiently for my little tree to bloom. Taking pictures of my kids in front of the tree to document its growth. Nothing but leaves for 16 years. But NOW, WOW this year, it finally bloomed.


  1. Your tree is beautiful. I love that it only cost 1.00 at Wal Mart. Great deal!!!
    Thanks for sharing. We don't have any blossoms yet. Just buds....but I'm hopeful :)

  2. Congratulations! I've been waiting 15 years for a wysteria to bloom... not sure how much longer it will take.

  3. I have a lilac bush like that. When it was about 7 years old I had a serious discussion with it...I said. either you grow or you go! The next year and every year after that it was beautiful and spread all over that corner of the garden. Then last year I had it trimmed, or so I thought, but the "landscaper" chopped it straight across (it is called pollarding in Europe) and no flowers this year. But the one in the back is making up for it. A skinny little thing it is putting out flowers like it is a giant!


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