this is what I call eating

How exciting... each week I get a locally grown, farm-fresh produce box delivered right my door... every week during our North Carolina growing season.

I save time and money while they bring the farmers’ market to me! A fantastic newsletter is included too. And the recipes, WOW, they are delicious.

They also say "Don't freak out with a critter in the corn" Just cut it off and wash well. If more than an inch is eaten, they will replace it. Ohhh, I will freak out if I see a worm on my corn. I think I'll scream and then throw it and then pace around the kitchen and not want to look at the darned thing.

A box FULL of fruits and vegetables (sometimes overflowing) picked the same morning or afternoon before it's delivered.

First Week's Box that they Delivered

Their Third annual "What I Did With My Box This Week"
"With all the fruit and veggies coming hard and fast off the fields, it may be challenging using up the entire contents of your box each week" they say. Well not at this house!!!

A free week's box plus an add-on of my choice.
I want it!!

Here is what I made.

1. I roasted my corn on the BBQ, cut the kernels off and tossed them with tomatoes and cucumbers. Chilled them in the refrigerator and added a nice splash of cesaer salad dressing.

2. I made salsa with my tomatoes and green peppers. With a little bit of help from my "hot peppers" from my garden. I made fish tacos for dinner one night. My husband added the salsa to his scrambled eggs and cheese the next morning for a
spicy breakfast.

3. Fruit salad with my watermelon and sprite melon.

3. Grilled my peaches and had them as a side dish with our pizza. I also had just one tomato left so it went on the pizza with slices of mozzarella and basil that I grew in my garden.

Charlotte shared her photo with me.

I am loving this box! I am so happy that I joined. I also love the newsletter that come along with the boxes.

How about ya'll? Does anyone else participate in a local farmer's co-op or any other similar type of program. I'd love to hear about your special summer bounty.


  1. This is my 2nd year for getting fruit from a CSA, and I love it. I wanted to learn to preserve jams and this has been the perfect opportunity. We are in our 4th week now... I've had a few strawberries and black raspberries, tons of cherries & blueberries, and apricots were added this week. Next year, I hope to add veggies, but for now I get those at the farmer's market. I love supporting the local agriculture and knowing where my food comes from (and not from a label saying California or somesuch).

  2. I am so jealous. Wish we had a group like that in my area.


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