I am refreshed ✂

A dingy ironing board cover puts me in a grumpy mood.
ick, yucky, ewww

*definition of "yucky" according to the Urban Dictionary*
Expression of disgust; fusion of yuck and ick. Similar to eww.

I didn't realize how grungy it was. I won't even show you.

Months ago I saw on-line tutorial using your old cover as a pattern for a new one. Using the existing cover and the pull strings as your base.

I cut out the yucky cover and just left about 1/2 inch around the finished edges of the string and bias tape holding it all together.
See the old silver backing from a previous one?

I am lucky enough to live near a home dec store called Designer Fabrics for Less. Everything is $7.99 a yard. Really :)

I had a nice 1 1/2 yard piece left over fabric from when I re-styled my porch this summer. Since it is 60 inches wide, I sliced it in half and have even another piece leftover when this one gets yucky too!

I made it this afternoon and it took me less then half-hour to make. At $5.99.

It's hard to find the covers to fit this super wide one. I used to get them at Linens and Things. Well, that store went bye, bye. So I took matters into my own hands and I love the results.

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