The Bees are buzzing today. Can't wait to see the show & tell at my quilting bee meeting today. We've got some super talented quilters.

I have nothing for show & tell except my small lemonade table runner. I have been working on new pillows for my porch. Red & White & Blue. I snagged these new chairs at Tuesday Morning. Yes!!!

This is not my porch ~ If I lived in a super old house, wouldn't this be the place? Just sitting back and watching my neighbors go about their day, waving and stopping to say "hey" and catch up with each other. Well, ya'll I think that's how it used to be.

When I first moved to the South, our family would take a nice summer evening drive just a bit out of town and look at some of these really old houses. You only have to go about three miles and you are out of the city and into rural life. Such a change from Los Angeles. You see, coming from LA, Wow, old houses like the wooden ones would only be in magazines.

oh yeah, this is for my husband. Guess what? I saw fireflies last night.
{He's traveling this week, but I know he'll take a peek here}

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