Okay Ya'll It's Sweet Tea Time

Once on a trip to the DC area in a restaurant, I ordered an iced tea. I said "sweet" please. The waiter kindly told me "You are not in the South here honey, we don't have sweet tea." Well I was definitely put in my place. I think I suffered with some Splenda.

I love the South. Back home here they would of said "Yes Ma'am, I'll git yer drinks and be right back. (Please insert your own southern accent).

Which brings me to the subject of this post. My absolutely ultimately favorite place in the world is sitting comfy in my big ol' screened in porch sipping a sweet tea or lemonade. Listening to the birds, frogs, watching fireflies, or the ultimate summer thunder storm roll through.

We don't have a regular table and chairs in there, but an awesome white iron daybed and with lots adirondack chairs and a bench. Full of fluffed up pillows and quilts.

I remember all of us squeezed on top of that bed just watching those storms pass through. I think those were the best times with my kids, watching all that lightening. They'd ohh and ahh and take comfort with their momma. Now they're growing up, and sometimes scattered in all directions. Now I enjoy it with my husband. Thunderstorm season is just about here!

My friend Fiona calls my screened-in-porch "My Campground". I so want to make it a little bit more cutesy. Maybe paint my adirondack chairs white. Every year I dream up new decorating ideas, but I just can't take the bed out of there.

{pssst. Don't tell my neighbors, but I'm gonna sleep out there this year before it gets to hot}

There is not a day that I don't go out there. I have my morning cup of coffee, switch out the quilts on the bed, or sometimes just chill and read some quilting magazines or my favorite shabby cottage book. There's nothing finer in Carolina.

I made this table runner called The Big Easy with fabrics from the Elsie's Kitchen collection.

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