I'd rather use my AccuQuilt, Thank you!

A Dritz Special

"Cuts cutting time ~ Helps eliminate hand and wrist fatigue"


A sweet neighbor posted a thread in our neighborhood online-newsletter about a huge trunk full of quilting fabric. I got so excited. I was the first to call and they were MINE. I zoomed right over to pick up my new goodies. It was full of drapery fabrics, lining, and a few smocking patterns. Rummaging through everything, I found this old electric scissors. How many of ya'll have or had one of these? Do you use it? Just for fun, I plugged it in at it didn't cut a darn thing.

I'll stick to what I know works.
My AccuQuilt Go! Cutter and good ol' rotary cutter.


  1. My mom had one!

  2. I did have a pair of those, looked for them the other day just for fun. Didn't cut a bit, in the garbage they went. I think I got them for christmas when I was a kid and started sewing!


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