Retreat Progress

Getting a lot done today. I love retreats!!

First on the to do list was send some goodies and letters to my soldiers who are deployed. Thanks to Susan who recommended the Soldier's Angels Writing Team to me. I have a few guys and one gal that I write to. I sent them some sweet treats today. Guess what I had for breakfast? Hot Tamales. It didn't fit in my box, so I ate them. I'm bad.

Last night I finished my Thread Catcher or Quilter's Catch All. My friend Carol designed the pattern. I might put some kits up for sale in my store.

Today I attacked the massive stack of 180 blocks for my Trail Mix. I have 9 rows sewn together and I think I have 9 more to go. I am not really liking the thing. But I will finish it up and then decide later.

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