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Congratulations to Donna. She is my winner for the KP Kids Christmas tote bag. Donna please send me a quick email to sewfarsewgoodquiltshop@gmail.com with your address so I can mail your sweet gifty to you.

Keep watching. Next week it's a different contest with a super cute sock monkey tote bag.

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  1. Hi Quilters, I have left messages for my KP Kids winner "Donna" to contact me about winning the above tote bag. She did not leave any contact info like a link to a blog, an email address or any way of getting in touch with her. So I am giving it one more day. We'll just wait until 9 pm eastern time Sunday night. I'll announce it if the drawing will be held again. But in the meantime, you can enter for the sock monkey one that is ending on January 8th.

    Happy Quilting


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