Memories of a Lifetime

I love old vintage linens.
They wash fantastically. They iron perfectly. They smell so sweet when you can let them hang out in the afternoon sun. Mmmmm. I would love a nice spring sunny day right now. Sitting in my screen-in-porch with my pretty pillows and a good shabby cottage book or magazine to look it. Dreaming of ways to incorporate the shabby look into my house.

I have ton of vintage linens from my mom. When she passed away, I got a treasure. Her huge boxes full of wonderful duvet covers, tablecloths, embroidered table scarves, doilies and more. Ohhh the hand work on some of those duvets is fantastic!

I took some of the duvet covers that were a bit stubborn to get crispy clean and I made this redwork block of the month quilt with them.

Just a few days before valentine's day, I bring it out. Iron it. Display it. Remembering all of the sweet things my mother did for my brothers and I as we were growing up.

I remember how fun it was in school to pass out my valentine cards. I would come home with a handmade goody bag from school. Filled with cards from all of my clasmates. Now I look for those valentine cards in antique stores and flea markets.

Technology is terrific too!! You can get your vintage images on-line. I am not this vintage, but I do love this old look!!

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