Serious & Silly Saturday

Remember the Book The Rainbow Fish?

An inspiring story about the most beautiful fish with shimmering, gorgeous scales. In the beginning of the book, Rainbow Fish was self-centered and had an arrogant personality; whenever any fish asked for one of his many scales, he would always decline and never would share. Throughout the story, Rainbow Fish slowly realizes that being beautiful is not the key to happiness. The lesson learned is that sharing and being a good friend is how you become happy.

{Serious side}
I forgot my friend's birthday

I totally forgot my friend's birthday last week. Granted she was away at an incredible island get-away out of the country and probably didn't miss me. But I goofed.

Most Friday's when our schedules work, we have a sewing date. Yesterday she gave me a nice set of wonderfully scented hand-soap for my birthday. It was sitting so pretty on her sewing table right when I got there. She didn't forget about my birthday.

{Silly side}
A silly set of hand towels for her beach house is what I embroidered for her today. Love that fish with pink lips!

Now the search for some goodies to go with them

After all my shopping and "fishing" for something cute to put it all in, I am going to use one of these great tags that I found on-line from


  1. Stacey, where did you get those gorgeous crazy fish embroideries? I'd love that. My 2 gd's are nutsy about pretty fish. Thanks,Hilary

  2. Just read this story to my 2yr old son last week. Now every fishy I see since, reminds me of that wise philosophy!


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