Yuck Caterpillers

Oh some time around 1:30 this afternoon

Don't look if caterpillars gross you out.

What are all these little pellets on the sidewalk between my house and my neighbor? I wondered. They are gross. When it rains, yuck, it's even more gross!! It is making my sidewalk a prime target for some serious power washing this fall.

Oooo! I looked up and saw branches of an oak tree covered and being munched by these.

I hate the mess, but I was treated to hundreds of butterflies around in my front planter.

For some reason they didn't like these hot peppers!

So should I make a Very Hungry Caterpiller quilt? Naw!
But you can here


Took my darling youngest daughter out to dinner tonight. To Yummy Noodles Cafe!!
She filled me in on all of her newest sorority happenings, classes and events out and about in town near her college. She mentioned that she is going to be doing a Press Preview for some new exhibits that will be happening this year at the North Carolina Museum of Art. She interned there this summer and loved it.

"Mom" she said "Did you ever hear of an artist called Eric Carle? The museum is going to be doing an exhibit on him."

North Carolina Museum of Art

OMG, Dear daughter, I just did a blog post about this Hungry Caterpillar guy this morning. You, daughter dear, need to check out my blog. Don't you remember me reading that story to you until I couldn't see straight?
Oh yeah right, you fell asleep.

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