Resolution No. 1

New Homes for Orphan Blocks

We've all got them. Left over blocks that we just didn't like, samples that didn't turn out exactly the way we wanted them to. Extras from patterns that made one odd ball block that didn't fit into the rows.

Over the next week or two, I'll be introducing you to many of my Bloggy Friends as the month progresses.

They all want to organize and give their orphan blocks new homes too. Everyone is going to be giving away a stack of blocks. Be sure the check out their blogs, leave comments, and grab our buttons. It's fun, fast and FREE!

Here is a quilt from my friend Carol. She is a very traditional quilt and uses what she calls "dark and dreary". I think they are lovely. She doesn't have a blog but I wanted to show you her quilt using very traditional blocks and colors.

Her inspiration came from here
Riding the Orphan Train

Here are some goodies that may be in my give-away.

Wow!, Regena over at Quilt n Quilt Things has been very busy this holiday season.

She also has some wonderful Barn Quilts that you really need to take a peek at.

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