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For anyone that grew up in rural North Carolina one of the greatest things about mid-summer to early fall has to be the wild blackberries. The Triangle and NC suburbs are not quite in the mountains, and not quite off of them either so they are the prime growing area for blackberry bushes. You can find them just about anywhere from the local park to the side of the road or even the parking lot at your local grocery
I’ve been watching a patch just along the road as you leave my subdivision. Watching & waiting patiently as the berries went from green to red and now finally to black.

Last week early in the morning before the heat, I headed out to pick a batch. I was really worried that I’d fall into the ditch, scratch up my legs by the thorns or even yet see a snake and FREAK. My neighbors probably saw me and thought I was crazy. I could have just gone to the grocery store and paid top dollar for a pint, gone to the farmer’s market and picked up a nice assortment. Naw! That would have been too easy.

{my local farmer's market}

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  1. Just saw this! Thanks for noting my cobbler in a jar. You have a lovely blog and I look forward to perusing it some more!


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