Building Houses from Scraps

I am getting ready to start building houses.

I am joining in on Jeaneke's Building Houses From Scraps" challenge. The goal is to make 365 3-inch little houses, one a day. Kind of like me taking just one piece of chocolate. I just can't stop at one. Really, I can't.

You can also join in on the fun. It's free.
There are no rules or obligations. Just a fun little way to use up tiny scraps. It officially starts on January 1, 2012.

Here are a few of my blocks

You will get four houses per each page. I decided to to a trial run to see what my finished blocks would look like. I am going to make them a bit more scrappy and not use the same fabrics for each house. I think I'll try to do a page a day.

Getting ready was easy. A wonderful quilter in an on-line group that I am in sent me a big bag of scraps last year. I had no idea what I was going to do with them. After seeing this challenge, it was like playing a game of BINGO! I instantly won. I knew exactly how I was going to spend my earnings. I am going to use all the scraps jammed into this plastic tote to make this sweet house quilt. Except for maybe a few fussy cut squares for my windows.

I am going to paper piece mine. Jantine from the blog Urban Style is going to paper piece her houses too. She's made in EQ7 a PP version of the little house block pattern. She is sharing it for free, isn't that nice of her? So if you want to paper piece your house blocks too, send an email to Jantine to ask her for the PDF of the PP-Building Houses from Scraps-block. It may take a day or two, but she will get back you.

2012 is going to be my year of challenges. I've joined the Stashbuster UFO challenge, Just Takes 2, challenge myself to make a few quilts from several quilting calendars that I have collected over the years, continue to make my baby quilts for babies who are born while their daddies are deployed, and last but by least, TRY TO KEEP MY SEWING ROOM ORGANIZED.


  1. I have the pattern and I am ready to get started. I see that you are organizing scraps for this in catagories like sky, roof, chimneys etc. Are you precutting fabric scraps into sizes for each? Would you be willing to share your system? Also, how wide are the borders and cornerstones?

  2. Yes so organized! Love your system! Please share your strip sizes if you have a formula.


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