So Long Summer....

Yes .... Summer is drawing to an end.  To be honest, I've had enough of the heat and humidity.  The constant buzz of the cicadas in the trees.  I am ready for the cool crispness of fall, apples and pumpkins.

The only thing that I am not ready for is to put away my white capris, sandals and summer purses.  Wearing white is a no-no after Labor Day. It's a Southern thang!

Here are some of the last minute summer sips I am thinking of making this weekend.
Sangria is my favorite.  

4. personalrecipe

Other than cranking up the grill and cooking an amazing Montreal marinated roast for when my kids come on over,  I'm retreating and sewing all weekend.  

Have a lovely weekend whatever your plans may be.  

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  1. Hi I saw your post on the quiltvillechat group and decided to visit your blog.
    I didn't even try to throw up my hand because I was behind on reading my emails. I am up to date now!!! Enjoy your holiday weekend
    Colleen in too dry


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