Broken Dishes Quilt

I just finished the binding on my Broken Dishes quilt today.  Made from a ton of my green scraps and green Chanteclaire fabrics called "The Color of Money".  Believe it or not, I am using it as a tablecloth for my kitchen table.  My friend says I am nuts.  Don't I worry about getting stains on it?  I told her that I don't make them as heirlooms and I want to enjoy all my quilts now.  Besides my husband loves to have a quilt on the table all the time.  He said "If you make 'em, I'll pay for the quilting."  Isn't he the greatest?


  1. I love that quilt, I know what you mean about using quilts, that's what they are for. Now if we were serving beets I may just take the cloth off for that night. Carline

  2. Love your quilt and I use all my quilts too.



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