My HeartStrings

I now know that I am addicted to making string quilts.  I love making  color controlled baby string quilts.   I use the pages from phone books that just keep appearing on my front porch.  Don't they know that I only want the Real Yellow pages?  Well I start with  about 25 pages torn out from the book.    Cut them into 7 1/2 inch squares.  I raid my stash of string and scraps.  Sew my fabrics onto the paper, iron, repeat this process with each strip, square up my block and viola, I've got my string block.  


  1. How wide do you cut your strips and it looks like they are all the same width? Can they be done w/ various widths and do you recommend that?

  2. Hi, I make my strips anywhere from 1 -2 inches wide. The scrappier the better. Happy quilting.


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