Can We Just Say No?

Isn't it true that you always get asked from someone who knows you sew to help them with a sewing project? "It's just a simple little task" they say. Even my daughter is to blame for these type of questions. So how could I say "No"?

I was planning to participate in my own little quilting retreat and finally get something done for myself. I have been in a quilting slump this summer and I finally seemed to get back into my groove when this lovely project came into the garage from a Craig's List find.

At first we started attacking this lovely chair in the garage and then realized that it was probably 100 degrees in there. We decided to move it into the house with the air conditioning.... What a brilliant idea. After ripping the chair apart from the seams very carefully, we used the old velvet that was on the original chair as our pattern. We actually are quite impressed with ourselves how this messy little chair turned out.

But Daughter of Mine, don't ask me to do this again. I'd rather make quilts. hehehe

What do ya'll think?


  1. Gosh, how talented you are! Thanks for inviting me to your blog. I'm going to enjoy reading about your adventures.

  2. The chair has great lines!
    They do not understand that a quilter is a quilter. We may know our way around sewing but I totally understand after making stage curtains for a cat show cage...she said nothing fancy and then the problems just kept coming...a hammock, a grooming pad...a cupbed... The cage was not square...built more like a house. But I did get them made using box pleats to cover less than perfect fitting.

  3. What a lovely chair. Not into reupholstry myself. I'm an avid quilter


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