Start My engine and Get a New Rotary Blade

Hi All, I haven been a good little quilter and have not bought any fabric for
myself since November of 2007. I think that is when I found Stashbusters. Well
a local shop had some red, white and blue civil war fat qtrs for $1.00 each and
I bought some. I couldn't resist. They looked sooo good. I never really
officially send in my challenge/penalty squares, but I think now I have to do
the right thing!!! Right? I buy fabric for my store all the time and never
dip into that inventory.

I have even been in a slump this summer without quilting much. But today I am on a roll. It will be interesting to see how much I accomplish this weekend. I'll post my progress Sunday night on my blog.
You can take a peek. I usually post every Sunday night.

Happy Quilting, Stacey

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