36 minute Kitchen Towel Apron Tutorial

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Diane M wins!!

I am an apron wearer. All day long. Doesn't matter what I am doing. Sewing, cooking, cleaning, watching a little telly at night after the kitchen is closed. I've got one on all day. I have even been known to go out to the grocery store only to find out that I forgot to take my apron off.

I am always looking for unique items to make them out off. I can't stay away from the vintage ones that I find in antique shops. Old linens and tableclothes are my favorite. I've even made one out of some cafe curtains that I found on clearance at K-mart.

If you have 36 minutes, you can make one too! I timed myself and that is all the time it took. Make one, You'll like it.

I got this neat towel at Pier One with the orange bird and ruffle along the bottom. Already embellished and ready to go.
The best part is that I use the finished seams that are already on the towel. Which in turn means less time spent embellishing and more bling for your buck. Find one with ruffles, rosettes, embroidery, you know, whatever you want on it.

All you need is a towel and three strips of fabric cut 2 inches wide and 42 to 44 inches long (width of fabric)

I love using a bias tape maker to make my straps.

I use my yummy spray starch recipe that I created. You can find that here.

Fold your strips in half and press.

Spritz and spray and press

I like to use my Bernina No. 10 Edgestitch foot moving my needle position so so very close to the folded edges and stitch all the way down. Do the same for the other side.

You can do a google search and find a template to cut your arm holes, or just "wing-it"

I have about a 9 1/2 inch bib across the top as shown above and below

Fold in your curves along the arm holes about 1/2 inch and press. Fold them in again about 1/2 inch and press again. Do this again with the other side.

Determine how long you want your neck strap to be and cut it maybe about 1 inch longer. Pin the neck strap in place inside the folded armhole curves along the top of bib leaving about 1/2 inch of the strap tucked inside the folds.

Got it?

{opps! I forgot to take a picture of that step. But you get the idea}

Pin the waistband strap inside the folded curves at the waistband also tucking in about 1/2 inch of the strap. Starting at the top, stitch down following the curve of the towel at one edge. Back tack a bit to give your straps some security and strength.

Stitch again. * ohh I'd say with about 1/2 inch in between the two seams* Making sure that you catch the folded edges of the armholes. It should now all be nicely sealed and you will have a neat row of double stitches finishing off one side.

Do the same for the other side. Make sure that your neck strap is not twisted. Cause you won't like it if is and you'll rip it out and start over. I did!!

Here I am in the winter checking out the snow with my apron and UGGS!



Think you'd like to make one? I am giving away this "Watermelon Spritzer" towel. Try it. Leave a comment and give it a whirl.

Diane M wins!!


  1. Wow...you find the best towels! Great tute :) It looks like alot of fun to make these, I'll never look at dishtowels the same again ;P
    Please enter me for a chance to win the watermelon towel. Thanks!
    Smiles, DianeM

  2. I love the aprons. I will have to see if I can find some pretty dish towels around here. I would love to win the watermelon towel. Thanks for the giveaway.

  3. The Watermelon spritzer towel would make a gorgeous apron.

  4. Hi Sweetie! How big are these towels? Do they only make an apron for the skinny among us? Jennifer in IN

  5. Great idea I too love aprons & the oldest I have I made for my Mum in 1956!
    I have some vintage linens that would work well for these,thx!

  6. Great idea, even if I don't win I'm definitely going shopping. Hope I can find towels half as cute as yours. They are smashing (watermelon spritzer really is my favorite, I'm a sucker for fabric with words on it, have no idea why).

  7. LOVE the idea!! Aprons remind me of my Grandmother, love aprons, especially vintage or vintage-inspired :) SO glad to find your crafty blog, following from MBC.


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