Memorial Day

Last year in honor of Memorial Day I posted this.

This year daughter and I went downtown to our small National Cemetery and then on to the N.C. State Capital Grounds to watch the Wreath Laying at the Veteran's Monument.

Yes, it brings tears. Tears of sadness and tears of gratitude for all those who have lost a loved one. Tears seeing the fresh new Jr. ROTC recruits and the Marine Corps Color Guard march in perfect step showing such respect to a country that they love dearly.

I don't know these fine gentlemen, but they paid the ultimate sacrifice in order for us to "Live in the land of the Free"

From A Little Pink In a World of Camo

Memorial Day is about honoring men and women who died in military service to our county. Take today to thank our veterans, pray for the brave men and women overseas, and remember those who fell defending the right for man to live free. Let us be strengthened by their courage. Let's make it contagious.

Still deciding on who gets this americana string quilt. To date, I've made approximately 31 quilts that have been given to babies born while their daddies are deployed. Instructions can be found here at Mary Quilts.

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