Tuesday Treasure

I have decided to share with ya'll treasures that make me happy. Every Tuesday I'll post something that I may have here at home, something I may find when I out and about in my search for vintage sheets or maybe one of the quilting projects that a member of my bee has made that just has me in awe. That happens a lot. I really don't know what I'll post. Stay tuned and check back on Tuesdays.

Melody over at The House on the Side of the Hill has inspired me.

For this week it is my heart pocket charm. I bought 3 of them 11 years ago when my mom was very sick. I gave one to each of my daughters and one for myself. Just as a reminder that when you slip your hand into your pocket and feel the heart, you'll have nice thoughts, know that you are thought of and have a nice remembrance of something in your life that makes you smile. I kept mine in my pocket or purse. It got lost a few times. Put into my jewelry box, put back into my pocket again, found on the bottom of the washing machine. Put away again. In and out many times. Fast forward about 6 years. I found it!! In my coat pocket yesterday. On a dreary gray day, it was a nice feeling.

I finished my first UFO yesterday. My Mini Double House Glass quilt. Yesterday was one of those stay inside, sew and quilt days until you can't sit or see straight anymore.

One UFO bites the dust. 23 more to go!


  1. Beautiful quilt Stacey and I really like the idea of the heart charm , it would make a person smile to feel that in your pocket. Sheila

  2. great treasure... and I'm so glad you found your heart charm... the quilt is lovely... great to get the UFO's done...

  3. Thank you so much for joining in Tuesday Treasures. The heart charm is a wonderful idea and I'm so glad you found it again. Your quilt is gorgeous.

  4. That is such a lovely idea Stacey and your quilt is beautiful.


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