Easy Street Top All Done

Whoops!  Wrong Way Blocks
Just four of them.  

I need new glasses.  I swear it all looked fine until I took a picture and a good hard look.  Yep, I had 4-patches placed in the wrong direction.  It really does help to take a picture and study it for a bit.  Then "pop"  I found 'em.  

 IF you see any more, tell me.  

Here is my corrected top.  

While I was waiting for each Easy Street clue each Friday, I started a leader and ender quilt with my leftovers from another quilt.  What I usually do is keep all my left overs from one project in a plastic tub.  I find a new pattern that I have been wanting to make, and then just about exhaust every scrap of that color scheme from the previous quilt.  This time I used just about all of my pink and brown strips and squares.  

I always start out with good intentions of making it a leader and ender quilt.  But I get so engrossed with the new project that I just go ahead and make the darn thing.  Start to finish.  

Here you can see I reverted back to my old habits.  

This is called Confetti.  
Its 93 x 93 inches.  
264 four-patches


 576 cream strips

A braided border

 I used the scraps from this quilt 

To make this 


  1. Good thing you caught the mistake before quilting. I speak from experience, having missed one once myself. Now the pink and brown quilt. Both are gorgeous, love the color combo. But is the one made from "scraps" bigger than the original? I tend to have those kind of scraps too, lol.

    1. Oh yeah it's big. Tons of backgrounds and setting triangles too. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love love love the Confetti quilt!


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