Shadows in the Snow

We get so excited to have snow in the Carolinas.  
Right under our little dusting are my bulbs peeking up.  

My Work In Progress

I told myself that I was going to use my AccuQuilt Cutter more this year.  I went through all my shirtings and cut a zillion HST's and scraps with it.

 I started putting my blocks together to make a certain quilt pattern that I have had on hand for years.  As I put them on my design wall, I realized that I did not like the pattern at all.  I was so mad at my self for wasting so much fabric.  

 I re-thought the pattern and arranged them a bit differently and this is the pattern that I came up with.  No waste.  Huge 24 inch blocks.  

2 1/2 blocks done and 6 more to go.  

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