Celtic Solstice

I finished my quilt top just a few days ago.  I put myself into a month-long hibernation and worked on Bonnie Hunters Mystery pretty much non-stop.

I stated working on my quilt right around the beginning of January.  It's been a pretty neat winter here for me.  I love the cold and I love the snow.  When we get the white powdery stuff here in the South, life stops.  I don't go out anywhere and make-do with what food and goodies we have here.  

It's fun to get creative making soups, stoups and stews.  I also got re-acquainted with my bread machine.  There is nothing like the aroma of a fresh loaf of bread baking.  

I also used my AccuQuilt cutter almost exclusively for my triangles.  

Amazing how our weather can go from almost 60 degrees to under 32 in one day.  

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  1. Your Celtic Solstice looks great! Way to get it done before the next mystery comes up..you are in for that one too right? :)


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