I heart these bitty blocks

These bitty blocks were so fun to make.  
I just couldn't stop at 16.  
I made another set in bright and then another set in 1930's. 

You and can follow along with Quiltmaker magazine @QuiltyPleasures

January's Blocks were mini teeny tiny bow ties. 

Making these blocks were like candy to me.  Skittles or Sour Patch Kids.  Those are my downfall, handfuls of them.  Oh, Starbursts too.  I just couldn't stop at just one.  I had to double the batch of blocks.  I like making these bow ties so much, I think I'll make a little quilt with my beloved Amy Butler or Flea Market Fancy scraps that I hording saving. 

February's Block, well they weren't so simple.  But they are cute. 

4-inch basket blocks on point

Teeny tiny 1 1/2 inch unfinished HST's are a challenge.  My feed dogs are eating the corners of my blocks when I am chain piceing.  They also need a good pressing.  You should also see the floor of my sewing room.  Tiny clippings of the dog ears everywhere.  On second thought no one is allowed in there.   


  1. Your blocks are darling! I love all of the combos you have here....super cute!

    Oh my gosh! I made two sets of the bow ties too! I figured I would have an extra row and make my quilt bigger. I love the February basket blocks too but they are such small pieces that I stress over it, admittedly though, they are super cute, I am plugging along and have about 6 done so far. There will only be one row of those baskets! LOL!

  2. The blocks are TOO CUTE! I had to make a few but am going to do some kind of sampler instead of the row by row!


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