Playing with Pinks

This weekend I am catching up on my Quilt-Alongs and BOM's.  All week I've been stuck, hibernating, enjoying being in the house with the freezing temps outside.    Today it almost reached 60 degrees.  We're expecting another round of snow tomorrow.  

February's color is Pink

Here are my Scrap Jar Stars.

Scrap Jar Star Tutorial

I am making two quilts this month with my pink stash.  One 16-Patch that alternates with pink and white and the other 16-patch is just all pinks.  

I'm trying to decide if I want to make both quilts with sashing.  When you leave out the sashing, you get a secondary square block which I do like.  See it up there on the lower right of my collage?  

Here it is with the sashing.  I decided to do one with and one without.  
When you do use sashing, you get the nine-patch secondary design.

Give me a few days and I'll get the one with the all pink blocks sewn up.  

I used a bunch of white scraps for my blocks and Kona white for the borders.  Wow, it looks so yellow (uh actually gross!) when I brought it outside to take a picture.  
Maybe I shouldn't be so scrappy when it comes to using white.

I'm also joining Angela in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge

These are my Flying Geese and Bear Pawish blocks.  

See ya soon.  I'll show you my Stars in A time Warp blocks.  


  1. You've done great with your pinks. Love blocks blocks and the quilts.

  2. I do like the secondary pattern without sashing, but there is also a nice nine patch effect with the cornerstones. So pretty either way. Love your Bear Pawish block. Still can't find the real name for that one!

  3. Your blocks are so pretty! What about using a bright lemon color for the binding of the cream colored whites?

  4. I absolutely LOVE your 16 Patch Star blocks!! Nice work. I like the 9 Patches formed by sashing the block, too. Looking forward to seeing the "without sashing" version!

  5. Miss Stacey, that is a whole lot of lovely you have going on there. With or Without sashing, that is a beautiful little quilt, and I look forward to seeing the all pink 16 patch. The serendipity 9 patch though with the sashings and cornerstones is adorable.

  6. Either choice would work. Good luck. Pink blocks are so fun to play with.


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