Color Monday ~ Home

The theme this week is "home"
We get our inspiration from Jennie

Being from the South and all, I thought I'd share my favorite time of year at my home.

Fall is my favorite.

Home is a place where I'm so glad my kids always feel comfortable coming back to.   Home is having my husband home from a business trip.  Home is the gathering that happens around our kitchen table.     Home is roasting fall veggies.  Making huge dinners.  Making drinks and enjoying the fine weather out in our screened porch.  Nothing could be finer in Carolina.

There used to be a lot of these old barns.  Now, they're either a crumbled heap of great wood for DIY projects or new housing developments that took their place.

Here are a few quilts that I've made with fall-themed colors.  

How about that y'all?


  1. What a lovely post! We are just heading into autumn here in Oz and it is my favourite season too. I just love your quilts.

  2. Oh, so beautiful! Not just your palettes, but the quilts you've made are absolutely stunning.

    Thanks for playing along. And if you have an idea for a theme you'd like to play with, let me know.


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