Cloudy with a bit of Sunshine NOT!

What happened to our glorious sunshine from this weekend?
I have to admit to you all that I am a bit weather obsessed.  I'm always watching the Weather Channel and checking all my apps when there's a forecast for anything different.    
Growing up in Los Angeles, 75 degrees and sunny was the norm.   Well, it sure is different here in the Old Tar Heel State.   
Wait 10 minutes and something different will blow in.  
There's not a bit of sun predicted for the entire week.  

So I got a little carried away this weekend with my yellows.  
I made stacks and stacks of yellow strips for my 
16-Patch quilts.  Each month I am making a 16-patch Quilt (color to be determined here) of the Scrappy Jar Stars to give away to my favorite organization which need baby quilts.  

I also found an old set of blocks from the French Rose raggedy trend that was going on way back.  

My mom had a machine something like this.  Wow! I wish I had it now.  Maybe it wouldn't eat all my teeny tiny points for my bitty block baskets.  

No color theme this week for Color Episode.   Just anything goes.  So I chose Yellow :)
Play Along! It's a lot of fun.  

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  1. I love daffodils too - I just love yellow. It always cheers you up. I had never thought of using food pictures for colour palettes - great idea! Hope it warms up a bit soon. I had to google the Tar Heel State - never heard that term before!


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