#Spring #Sprang #Sprung

I am not having any problems digging into my stash for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge colors.  It seems I have bits and pieces of every color in the rainbow.  

Here are my two blocks for April.  You can see what all the fuss is about over here.  Angela works up a great tutorial for each 6 inch center block twice a month.  Then we finish it up with a Sawtooth star. Which when done right, should finish at 12 inches.   I'm sure there will be a bit of tugging and fudging when I get to the point of putting them all together.  

I love it when I am super productive.  Each month I'm making a Scrap Jar Star Quilt from the designated color.   I need 12 blocks for a baby-sized quilt.  

Remember all the yellow squares on my design wall from my last post?  
Here it is finished for March.  It just needs quilting.
As you can see, I am on a "no border" kick. 

Another project I am working on are tulip blocks.  These are the blocks that I have made so far.  They are all strung up on a clothesline in my neck of the woods.  Which, by the way,  is full of pollen. 

What a minute!  I see two mistakes.  Oops.   

This is a super quick and easy block finishes at 12 inches.  I'm giving away a fun little packet of fabric scraps and the pattern to make three block:   pink, purple and yellow.   

Leave a comment and we'll see who gets to be the lucky quilter.  


  1. Oh my I love your Sawtooth Star blocks. The left one is stunning! What a fun giveaway.

  2. Scraps?! I absolutely LOVE scraps!! (Especially, other people's scraps!)

  3. Beautiful stars and flowers. I LOVE colorful, happy scraps.

  4. I just love those Scrap Jar Stars, I am doing them too!

  5. Each of your blocks is so cheerful! I really like the tulips.

  6. I love the variety of your blocks - going to make for some fabulous quilts.

  7. You HAVE been super productive! Love all your stars. I haven't tried the sugar bowl block yet but I really like the way it looks in the star.

  8. These are gorgeous blocks. Love the colors. Phyllis


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