Stars in a Time Warp

Today I am brave enough to share with you some of my Stars in a Time Warp blocks.  I am trying to make three blocks for each color/fabric that Barbara Brackman selects with her quilt along.  

For many years I collected Civil War fabrics.  I got some bug up my you know what once and decided to sell them all.  Lately, seeing of the talented bloggers showcasing their blocks, along with the Barbara Brackman's Stars in a Time Warp quilt-along, got me thinking that I really should make another Civil War quilt.  I told my friend Vic, who blogs here, that I wanted my fabrics back.  She knew I was just kidding.  But you know what?  She sent me a fantastic assortment of prints.  The purple prints she sent me are amazing.  She also made me a wonderful lavender sachet which makes everything smell delightful in my sewing room.  

I am learning so much about the history of fabric coloration techniques, locations and history of many quilt styles.  How fashions dictated what would be used in quilts at a particular time, the history of the women who created some of these marvelous treasures.  

Here are my purples

Reproduction stars in madder-style prints

Foulard-style prints which were popular for clothing in the 1860s.

Chrome yellow which is lemon-colored.  It is a very intense yellow with a slight greenish cast.

I am getting much better with my block colors  Thanks to the many suggestions and taking lots of peeks at all the wonderful quilter's blogs who are also participating.  

My Give-Away Ends Sunday Night for my #Spring#Sprang#Sprung packet of fabric scraps and pattern to make this block.

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Tomorrow I'll post a picture of a completed purple flimsy for my Scrap Happy Saturday/Sunday
I got the top all sewn together but it was too dark out side to take a nice picture. 
I'm joining along with all these wonderful quilters.  Take a look.  

*Sunday Update*
Finished and photo taken right before the rain 

Scrap Jar Stars


  1. So many different fabric styles. Such a fun excuse to try them all out. Love your blocks.

  2. Your stars are perfect. Now you got me thinking of doing a Civil War quilt.

  3. Great fabrics in your Stars in a Time Warp blocks! I am wiping the drool off my computer screen!

  4. Each set of blocks is better than the last!! I would be hard pressed to choose which colorway I prefer. How sweet that Vic sent you some fabrics to play with! Aren't quilters wonderful?!

  5. Oh my! Look at all the beautiful Stars in a Time Warp you have created!! You are so fast to make so many already, and each one is lovelier than the last one. Good job, Stacey!

  6. nice description of the civil war fabrics. LeeAnna

  7. Great looking stars and wonderful colour. What a lovely backdrop for your photo.

  8. Gorgeous stars and I love the color palette of your quilt top too. Pretty post!

  9. Such a fun post. Your scrap jars are wonderful and I love all your purple fabrics in the stars with the CW prints.

  10. Excellent blocks and what a super scrap jar stars top!

  11. Wow! I love your blocks! Your scrap jar stars quilt top is awesome. Can you tell that I have a thing for purple?

  12. Beautiful stars, but your scrap jar stars quilt is wonderful; there's such a variety of purples in them that I'm amazed.


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