The Great Hexagon Quilt Along 2

Hi All,

I found this wonderful, sweet, inspiring blog that I want to share with you. It's called The Great Hexagon Quilt Along. I didn't realize that so many others like me are hooked on hexies. I am so inspired to see everyone's wonderful quilts, storage ideas and works in progress.

I got hooked on hexies coming home from The International Quilt Festival in Houston last year. I started working on them in the airport waiting for my flight home. I used up all my foundations and finished them all in the airplane. It seems like I am using a different method then most people use. I use english paper piecing foundations. I know there is a lot of extra steps in the method that I am using, so maybe for my next one I will use freezer paper. I am using all Moda fabrics from various fabric collections and a variety of creams for my connecting hexies. It's gonna be a soft and scrappy one. I think I will be a grandmother before I ever get it done though.

Happy Hexing


  1. Your hexagons look very nice. It will be a beautiful quilt! I love the soft colors!

  2. what a neat side dedicated to all the hexagon makers - however, how do I get there? I don't see a link anywhere.... help. thanks.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  3. Hi Bonnie, You can find the main page for the hexagon group here: I am in the sister group, since the original group is closed and full. I think they are still taking new members. Happy Quilting

  4. I have been working on an English pieced hexagon quilt for years and still it isn't big enough. I put it away for a while and then take it out again and add another few pieces. I don't know if it will ever be finished, but I enjoy it in small doses. I think my hexagons should have been bigger.


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