My 29th Birthday Party ~ Again!!

My two daughter's came home and made a lovely dinner for me for my birthday.  They started cooking at 5:30 and dinner wasn't ready until 8 pm.  They can't figure out how I manage to get everything done at the same time and be able to sit down to a nice dinner. I told them that I have been doing it for 25 years so I better know how by now.  One of my daughters loves to be in the kitchen and the other could care less.  I think the latter just did the dishes.  Unfortunately my son is in sumer school and couldn't come home the the weekend.  We had cornish game hens, a fantastic carrot ginger soup and our appetizer was a delicious warm baked brie round with walnuts and honey inside.  

They also put one of my favorite quilts on the table for my tablecloth.  It's called Salsa Snowballs.  I am going to put some kits in my store just as soon as I can find the time to make them up.  

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