"Jared Takes a Wife" Quilt aka Blackford's Beauty

Just finished this pretty quilt up on Friday.  It's one of Bonnie Hunter's from Quiltville.com.  The greens are from the strip exchange that I participated in.  Somewhere back in my blog I mentioned that my husband pays to get my quilts quilted by my local long arm quilter.  Well, he saw this quilt and said he loved it. He wants this one and said it's a keeper.  Then he said, "Did you notice that some of your blocks don't match up too well?    I said "Who made you the Quilt Police? I love him anyway.  


  1. I love your quilt Stacey, it is beautiful. You do great work. I love Bonnies patterns also, but every individual makes it their own, as you have so beautifully done here.


  2. It looks fantastic, job well done I too would keep this one.


  3. It is beautiful!

    Pat L in NY

  4. great work. My husband thinks he is the quilt police, too. LOL. dont ya just love them.

  5. What a great quilt. It really looks great. Too many pieces for me to want to make it, at least right now. But boy, do I like it and the colors you chose. Good work.


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